Wendover Celebrates 2018 Sponsors

Wendover Parish Council

Wendover Parish Council is the fundamental tier of local government in the parish. The parish is situated in the administrative area of Aylesbury Vale District within the County of Buckinghamshire.

Members of the public are very welcome to attend any of its meetings and are given the opportunity to make comments and observations during the period set aside for public participation.

The Council decides on its projects for the coming financial year, works out the cost (precept) and informs Aylesbury Vale District Council of the amount it will need to raise through the Council Tax.

Wendover Parish Council employs staff to look after our recreation grounds in Hampden Meadow, Rope Walk Meadow & Orchard, Ashbrook (Castle Park) as well as Witchell Meadow. In addition to this they also keep the allotments on Hogtrough Lane and London Road tidy and maintain Hampden Pond. Our grounds staff are also responsible for making sure that our play areas are safe.

Lionel Abel-Smith Trust

The Lionel Abel-Smith Trust (formally Wendover Community Trust) is a registered charity that exists for the benefit of the residents and organisations of the Parish of Wendover and the Moor Park estate.

It was created in December 1977 by the Lord of the Manor of Wendover, Lionel Abel-Smith, to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. With great generosity, Mr Abel-Smith gave cottages and a substantial cash endowment to found the Trust. He said then that he wished to create something for the benefit of Wendover and its inhabitants. His family had been the principal landowners in Wendover from the 1790s.

Wendover Wood

Wendover Wood is a two man organisation that makes wooden ornaments and puzzles by hand, as well as providing laser cut items to order.

NK Building and Renovations

N K Building and Renovations is a full services building company and have been designing and building bespoke new houses and renovating existing homes since the early 1980's. Today with their extensive knowledge of efficient eco house building design and space management are an ideal building company to talk to regarding a project you may have.

Fiona Faber Floral Design

All our bouquets and arrangements are bespoke and are tailor made to the client's requirements.  We have excellent contacts with several flower farms and growers and prefer to use seasonal flowers which are home-grown.  We also grow a large number of our own flowers here in the Chilterns.  However, where necessary, flowers can be ordered from contacts overseas to meet the specific requirements of our clients.   We use fresh, natural flowers and foliage to give that relaxed, country feel and ensure excellent vase-life. 

Chilterns MS Centre

We have been providing advice and care to people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their families for over  30 years. Our main goal is to help people gain greater control over their MS so that they continue to lead happy and healthy lives. Everyone here understands MS, whether it’s our expert and approachable staff, our fantastic volunteers or one of our over 500 members themselves. MS is endlessly variable, totally unpredictable and can lead to disability. We provide comprehensive and holistic care such as physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, oxygen therapy,  acupuncture and massage to over 330 people each week. We also have a dedicated carers support service as we know that MS affects the loved ones of the people with MS too.


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